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Lineage Installation View
Lineage Installation View

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Some of the things we inherit we are fully aware of, such as eye color, shape of a nose, or the way we walk or talk. Scrutinizing family photographs you can recognize some of these visible traits passed down one generation to the next. Others are a current running deeply below the surface, that nevertheless inform who we have become. In our creative process we tried to tap into that invisible current of our lineage to explore our emotional inheritance as well.

Family is never one thing – it morphs and changes through time and is as variable as each of the individuals bound together by it. It is that shifting perspective that gives the most insight to where we came from and who we are today. We hope the work in this exhibition sparks curiosity about your own family history. How has your lineage shaped your past, how are you creating your own family lineage in the present, and how will you preserve it for the future?